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  • Miss Grape Tendril 4.10 waterproof 


    Tendril 4.10 waterproof handlebar bag .
    It can be mounted with both Drop Bar handlebars and MTB handlebars.

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  • Miss Grape Trunk 8


    “ILCOSO” handlebar support .
    With its completely watertight construction and two roll-lock entries, the Trunk 8 gives you peace of mind knowing your items will be safe, no matter the weather.

    Featuring a sturdy external structure and high-quality materials, the Trunk 8 bag is designed to resist wear and tear and last over time. Its sleek design blends seamlessly with your bike, while the large internal capacity lets you carry everything you need on your riding adventures.

    The two entrances with roll closure guarantee a secure and waterproof closure, keeping your items dry and protected from humidity.

    Designed to contain everything for the night. Sleeping bag, mattress, inflatable pillow, clothing, extra food, etc.

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  • Miss Grape ILCOSO


    ILCOSO is a lightweight, safe, innovative, and modular handlebar bag mount that is designed to solve a number of problems typical of handlebar bags.

    Its modularity allows it to be installed on drop bar and flat bar and to bring the bag closer to the headset thanks to its adjustments, allowing for greater riding safety .

    The ILCOSO allows you to have useful space for your hands , without tangling the cables and to install, thanks to 3 position slots , a lighthouse, a GPS and possibly a telephone.

    The support is made of toughened PA6 polyamide, which allows elasticity, resistance and lightness. The instrument holder tube is made of anodized aluminium.

    Thanks to its composition it is possible to install the support on carbon and aluminum handlebars.

    The support weighs 320 g complete with long instrument holder clamps and bag holder straps.

    ILCOSO supports bags with a maximum recommended diameter of 19cm.
    Maximum load capacity 3 kg.

    The support can be installed on handlebars with a diameter of 31.8mm and with a minimum wheelbase of 83mm.

    3 year guarantee.
    We recommend using our 6.8 and 16 liter Trunk bags.

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  • Miss Grape Big Node


    Big Node top tube bag is the longer and roomier version of its sister Node. Designed for ultra-distance competitions but also to be the reliable and safe travel companion for storing the objects you always need at hand.

    The zipper is waterproof and can be opened in one direction only.
    Ideal for storing mobile phones, energy bars, snacks, batteries, cameras etc.

    Made with our ultra-resistant , tear-proof and lightweight .

    The bag has a capacity of 1.8 liters and weighs 186 g and is Water Resistant.

    The inside of the bag is made up of an adjustable divider that can be opened to create a single solid and stable compartment.

    The bag attaches to the top tube and the stem and is compatible with all frame bags , thanks to the possibility of adjusting the Velcro® .

    The side structure is reinforced by a polypropylene frame to protect and keep the bag stable while pedaling.
    For the stability of the bag the base is made of an anti-slip fabric .

    It does not hinder pedaling , leaving the necessary space for the knees.
    Reflective logo to improve safety when driving even in conditions of poor visibility.

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  • Miss Grape Internode 3 Waterproof


    Frame bag for racing, gravel and race bikes.
    Stable, ultra light.
    Designed not to get in the way of your legs (Q factor) and water bottles.
    100% Waterproof

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  • Miss Grape Node Adventure


    The Node is housed on the horizontal tube of your frame and can be positioned both at the height of the headset and close to the seat post.

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  • Miss Grape Bud


    Bud bag is mounted between the handlebars and the stem via two Velcro  and then secured on the fork crown with a webbing.
    Versatile and compatible with all bicycles on the market.

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  • Miss Grape Cluster 7 Waterproof


    Saddle bag for racing, gravel and race bikes.
    Stable, ultra light and 100% waterproof.
    Designed not to get in the way of the legs (Q factor).

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  • Miss Grape Cluster 13 Adventure Waterproof


    Cluster 13 Waterproof saddle bag is a “must-have” for anyone undertaking a cycling trip.
    An essential item for any bikepacking experience. Whether you are leaving for a month-long trip or just one night, the Cluster 13 WP will prove to be an indispensable component for this type of experience.
    The careful choice of materials makes the Cluster 13 WP extremely resistant to stress.
    It is precisely thanks to its tear-resistant fabric that this bag has made itself known and appreciated in the world of bikepacking. In the underlying part we find an insert in reinforced double layer fabric, thanks to which the Cluster 13 WP does not fear any contact with the rear wheel and acts as a mudguard.
    The bag is fixed to the seat post with two resistant Velcro straps internally coated with a non-slip material which guarantees excellent grip and reduces any abrasion effect on the seat post by 50%. The Cluster 13 WP can also be mounted on carbon seat posts and saddles.

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  • Miss Grape Moon Handlebar Bag


    Handlebar bag ideal for urban, road and gravel. Modern lines and compatible with all bicycles. Made with Weather-resistant material.

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  • PNW Loam Dropper Post 30.9 & 31.6 125mm/150mm/170mm/200mm


    This post has been made to honor your most adventurous days on the trail. From the quadzilla climbs to the serpentine descents, the Loam Dropper capitalizes on PNW’s best-in-class reliability in our shortest, lightest and most customizable package yet. The new Loam also features swappable silicone bands that hug the midcap, giving you the opportunity to match your bike (or mood).

    • Cartridge: Adjustable Air
    • Routing: Internal
    • Tool-Less Travel Adjust
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  • PNW Pine 27.2 Post Dropper 90mm & 110mm External


    The Pine Dropper is your go to post for bikes of all different persuasions, whether it be your classic hardtail, XC bike, gravel grinder, fatty or cyclocross rig – this 27.2mm post continues the tradition of bringing reliable dropper posts to bikes with skinnier seat tubes.


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  • PNW Rainer 27.2 Dropper Post 125mm Internal


    Gravel and Cross Country bikes deserve love too, that’s why all the features of the Rainier Gen 3 have been squeezed  into a slimmer package. With increased travel, giving you the most drop of any 27.2 post on the market, and guaranteeing your adventures on gravel and beyond can get a little more weird (in a good way).

    • Tool-Less Travel Adjust
    • Routing: Internal

    While stock lasts

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  • PNW Coast 27.2 Suspension Dropper 100mm


    Suspension + Drop. The Coast Post combines the benefits of a dropper with the joint saving squish of suspension. This witchcraft all happens via a dual chamber hydraulic cartridge featuring 40mm of tunable air suspension, designed to help riders on all types of bikes – from packed up trekkers, to the cross country wanderers, even the weekday commuters.

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  • POC Coron Air Spin 70% off


    – Integrated with patent pending POC SPIN (shearing pad inside), which helps reduce the effects of an oblique (angled impact) fall by reducing the amount of force transmitted to the head

    – Superior ventilation due to innovative airflow and vent design

    – Emergency removable cheek pads for added security in the case of a head or neck injury. Breakaway visor designed to break off in case of impact to protect the rider\’s neck

    – Ear chambers designed to support improved balance and hearing, and chin bar constructed for optimized protection and easy breathing

    All internal padding can be removed for washing. Simple and effective buckle fastening system for added security

    The Coron Air SPIN has been designed to deliver performance protection all day long. Taking POC’s whole-helmet approach to design and construction to deliver superior levels of comfort, fit and performance, the Coron Air SPIN features optimized ventilation channels to ensure airflow is maximized at both low and high speeds, making it ideal for all-day use, especially during transfers between Enduro stages.

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    Look no further than the Flow EX3 rim for an alloy rim that can withstand the toughest abuse in downhill racing. Paired with Spank hubs in DH-specific, 157 x 12mm or 150 x 12mm and 110 x 20mm spacing or 110 x 15mm spacing, you’ll have a wheelset that keeps coming back for more and will dare you to discover your limits.

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