Miss Grape Big Node


Big Node top tube bag is the longer and roomier version of its sister Node. Designed for ultra-distance competitions but also to be the reliable and safe travel companion for storing the objects you always need at hand.

The zipper is waterproof and can be opened in one direction only.
Ideal for storing mobile phones, energy bars, snacks, batteries, cameras etc.

Made with our ultra-resistant , tear-proof and lightweight .

The bag has a capacity of 1.8 liters and weighs 186 g and is Water Resistant.

The inside of the bag is made up of an adjustable divider that can be opened to create a single solid and stable compartment.

The bag attaches to the top tube and the stem and is compatible with all frame bags , thanks to the possibility of adjusting the Velcro® .

The side structure is reinforced by a polypropylene frame to protect and keep the bag stable while pedaling.
For the stability of the bag the base is made of an anti-slip fabric .

It does not hinder pedaling , leaving the necessary space for the knees.
Reflective logo to improve safety when driving even in conditions of poor visibility.


Volume – 1.8 Litres

Weight – 186g