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What Makes Us Roll

Cycling Passion

Not only have we been in the industry for years, but we ride ourselves. Cycling is not just what we do. It's who we are.

Quality Obsession

We are obsessed with quality, whether we are handcrafting a new wheel, completing a full rebuild, or doing a minor fix.

Customer Service

Everyone is welcome at Back Alley Bikes whether you are new to cycling or an experienced trail, road, or commute rider.


Back Alley Bikes was founded in 2014, starting as little more than a hole in the wall. With years of industry experience, the founders had their own ideas of what worked and what didn’t and were excited to put them into action. In 2020, the shop was upgraded and moved to a central location in Sydenham, still maintaining its local Back Alley Biker vibe.

After much hard work, Rufus’ vision for Back Alley Bikes came together. However, in 2022, he made the difficult decision to focus in a different direction, and Tommy took over ownership of the shop. But the same passion, values, and friendly service continue.

At Back Alley Bikes, we believe in putting the workshop at the beating heart of the shop, where servicing and tuning take priority. We’re obsessed with quality and organisation, with a place for everything and everything in its place. As our reputation grew, we were approached for custom bike projects and are now complemented by many leading brands. We can put that same passion and attention to detail into custom bike builds.  

Live to Ride

Our services


From complete overhauls to minor fixes, our workshop is the place to bring your bike.


We have a great range of bikes available from leading brands Yeti and Pivot.

Custom Builds

New custom build projects or we can help finish a project you have already started.


All our wheels are built by hand to order to ensure you get the perfect ride.

The Workshop – Our Beating Heart

Local bike shops are essential to the biking community. The best are those that are built around the workshop, where guys and girls hang out and talk about bikes, and the strangest and most unique of tools are in their place ready to be used.

For us at Back Alley Bikes, our workshop is second only to the tracks and trails that we love to ride. We sell bikes too, and we are proud to be associated with some of the best brands in the industry. But it’s the workshop where the magic happens, whether we are preparing a new bike for collection by its owner, working on a custom build, tuning up gears, or completing a regular service.

Quality, cycling values, and excellent customer service are central to everything we do. So, whatever your bike requirements, get in touch with us. 



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