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About Back Alley Bikes

We are all bikers here at Back Alley Bikes, and we are passionate about anything biking. Given the fast-paced, modern world that we live in, there has never been a greater need for a local bike shop to talk about, service, fix, or discover the right bike for your biking needs.

Back Alley Bikes was born in a back shed with a few tools and no more than a couple of tubes for sale on the shelf. What we lacked in stock or surroundings we made up with a whole lot of experience and passion to share. The company’s founder, Rufus, built exactly what you expect when you enter a friendly but professional local bike shop.

Tommy, a passionate and long-term biker with a long career in automotive engineering, was always looking for a new adventure and an opportunity to follow a passion. When the opportunity came along to take over from Rufus and continue the next chapter of the Back Alley Bikes story, it seemed the spokes had aligned.

Tommy and the crew are constantly thinking about new adventures or just a different spin on a commuter route. So, it’s natural that we love to hear about and get involved with your rides and adventures.  

Our Story


Back Alley Bikes was founded in 2014, starting as little more than a hole in the wall. With years of industry experience, the founders had their own ideas of what worked and what didn’t and were excited to put them into action. In 2020, the shop was upgraded and moved to a central location in Sydenham, still maintaining its local Back Alley Biker vibe.

After much hard work, Rufus’ vision for Back Alley Bikes came together. However, in 2022, he made the difficult decision to focus in a different direction, and Tommy took over ownership of the shop. But the same passion, values, and friendly service continue.

At Back Alley Bikes, we believe in putting the workshop at the beating heart of the shop, where servicing and tuning take priority. We’re obsessed with quality and organisation, with a place for everything and everything in its place. As our reputation grew, we were approached for custom bike projects and are now complemented by many leading brands. We can put that same passion and attention to detail into custom bike builds. 

Our Crew



My Epic Sax Guy performance at University.



Becoming the owner a couple of years after buying a bike from the best local bike shop in town.  

Forgetting I’m on my fixed gear in situations which don’t suit fixed gear



Being a professional race mechanic for NZ’s top EWS rider, Charle Murray

Before, during and after a ride 

Dirty bikes and uncut zip ties 



Beating Joseph Nation at a Downhill World Cup regardless of Joe’s colossal crash just before the finish line..

Only drinks 7/8th of his coffee.

When a frame used a pivot bearing that isn’t one of the 56 different ones we stock.

Who are we today?

We are a bike shop based around what we still think should be the beating heart – the workshop where servicing and tuning take priority. Back Alley Bikes was created with an obsession for quality and organisation, with a place for everything and everything in its place. This proves to be what a lot of people are looking for and, as our reputation has grown, we have been approached for custom bike projects. We are now partnered with many leading brands and can put that same passion and attention to detail into custom bike builds.

Customer Service

How to access your order, account, shipping information, and returns and exchanges.

Product Support

Learn what bike is right for you, sizing, valuable how-to information, and the resources available.

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