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Meet the all new Mach 4 SL; a podium seeking missile crafted from the ground up as a testament to speed without compromise. It is designed to win gold and slaughter KOMs, and do so while delivering an otherworldly ride quality, telepathic handling, and a potent blend of acceleration and tractability.

XC racing is a designer’s nightmare. Racers are often too willing to sacrifice suspension quality, handling integrity, frame durability, traction, and comfort entirely in the pursuit of less weight and more speed. Look no further than the proliferation of flex-stay designs in the current XC racing market. They are all basically single pivot bikes, utilizing a design that was considered questionable 25 years ago, focused solely on light weight via reduction of moving parts. They may be light, but that’s about all.

With the new Mach 4SL, we call BS on that paradigm. You want it fast? You got it. This bike is a Rocketship. You want it light? Check out the sculpted minimalism of the Mach 4SL’s rocker link, or the sleek but incredibly effective rear triangle. It’ll go toe to toe with the lightest, fastest race bikes in the world. It meets that reductive performance criteria, but delivers so much more.

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Wheel Size 29"
Material CARBON