Trail 429

“There’s a dizzying range of bikes out there these days—XC, trail, all-mountain, enduro....What if you just want a bike that rips on nearly every trail? This is that bike. The Trail 429 is brilliant just about everywhere. It accelerates and climbs like a cross-country bike yet more than holds its own on tough terrain. We took the original Mach 429 Trail, completely reshaped the chassis and gave the bike a truly progressive geometry. The Trail 429 is even more capable on technical terrain than its predecessor yet doesn’t sacrifice a thing in the quick and nimble departments. Effortless handling, incredible power transfer and blazing acceleration are what set the Trail 429 apart from so many other trail bikes.”

Trail 429 Frank (frame+crank) $6,995*

Trail 429 Race XT $8,495*

Trail 429 Pro XT/XTR $9,995*

Trail 429 Pro XO1 $11,995*

Trail 429 Team XTR $13,995*

*pricing correct as of 23/04/19 and subject to change