“The Firebird is the no-compromise, Holy Grail of long-travel mountain bikes; it’s both an enduro bike that devours blazing descents and a technical climber that gains elevation astonishingly well.

For enduro racers, the tough and light Firebird’s peerless climbing traction, descending capability and instant acceleration makes it the perfect choice for the steep, punishing courses of the EWS. For park riders, the Firebird’s long front-center and short chainstay combination provides that nimble, snappy feel that encourages bold line choices yet allows you to stay in complete control at World Cup speeds.” 

Firebird 27.5 Frank (frame+crank) $5,995*

Firebird 27.5 Race XT $8,995*

Firebird 27.5 Pro XT/XTR $10,995*

Firebird 27.5 Pro XO1 $12,995*

Firebird 27.5 Team XTR $14,995*

*pricing correct as of 23/04/19 and subject to change