Bobbin Bicycles now available at Back Alley Bikes


  • $749
  • 3 Speed internal Sturmey Archer hub
  • Lugged frame
  • Colours: Mushroom, Ribbon Pink, Light Teal and Cornfield Yellow

The Birdie is a no-fuss well equipped bicycle with full mud/chain guards and sturdy carrier, more than capable of turning heads and being the centerpiece of any conversation.


  • $669
  • 7 Speeds
  • 26" Wheels
  • Colours: Black Current, Blue Berry, Blossum Pink and St Ives Green

A classic bike that fits all your needs. This slick mover will get you from A to B with a grin on your face.


  • $689
  • 6 Speeds
  • 26" Wheels
  • Colours: Teal and Taffeta

Bobbins Bramble is an easy operator with all the features you'd expect on a dependable city steed. Its 6 speeds means you'll always have the perfect gear for that bothersome headwind or small hill.


  • $699
  • 8 Speeds
  • 700c Wheels
  • Colours: Cornfield Yellow

'urban utility' best describes this slick machine. Sporting flat bars with a wide range of 8 gears this bike is practical yet stylie.


  • $679
  • 7 Speeds
  • 700c Wheels
  • Colors: Black

Every gentleman's must have sidekick. Reliable, dependable and undoubtedly stylish. It even has options for racks front and rear for carrying various vessels.