Yeti are a bicycle company synonymous with quality and pushing the boundaries in bicycle design. They have created a following of loyal customers like no other in the industry with there "Yeti Tribe" and organise annual gatherings for Yeti riders all around the world.


Pivot are relatively new to the game (established 2007) but with such a strong drive and passion to develop bikes which function and ride to a level most will never know it has taken them to the forefront of bicycle design and a reputation widely respected in the industry.


Here at Back Alley Bikes we are not brand snobs, we won’t turn are noses up when you bring in your prized possession. We help lots of our customers complete builds when they are already halfway there with a frame they’ve just purchased be it enduro, road, cross country, gravel, bike packing, commuting or anything else you can dream up.

Come by for a chat and we'll hone in on exactly what it is you're after.