We are open for everyone

At Back Alley Bikes we aim to get you just what you need with mimimal fuss. We don't try and sell you things you don't need, we don't have quotas to hit, we spend a lot of time riding the bikes and tracks you do, so we intimately know what will and won't work. 



Our workshop is the beating heart of Back Alley Bikes. The focus is to fix bikes correctly and efficiently through experience and knowledge gained after many years in the industry. being avid bikers we get out there a lot ourselves which relates to us understanding your problems at a personnel level.



We don’t only fix bikes we also build them! We are the exclusive dealer for Yeti bikes in Canterbury, a brand enriched with history and synonymous with pushing the boundaries in bicycle design.

It doesn’t end there though we can listen to your requests and work out an appropriate build based on a selection of other brands we like to work with. Be it a reliable commuter, a loaded up gravel bike capable of many days on the trot or a Winter hardtail designed to give your pride and joy a break over the wet and grimy months.

hand built by hand


Wheel building has become a major part of what we do here at Back Alley Bikes. It started with the sheer fascination of mastering the process required to build a wheel specific to a certain need. The amount of variables and key processes involved in building a reliable wheel is something we’ve worked hard at so that we can confidently provide a service we are proud of.